Barnwarming Queen Title: The Most Important Day of My Life

Topics: Cosmetics Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Writing Prompt- Important Event
The feelings were flowing through my body, adrenaline was rushing through my blood, and fear was aching in my heart. All I wanted was that one moment of glory and fame. The thought of not having my biggest dream come true was the worst feeling in the world. November 2 was the most important day of my life, I was crowned FFA barnwarming Queen. Impatient and curious; these feelings were strange and unusual to me. All I could think of was the events of the night and what it had in store for me. We went to the mall to get a nice outfit for the evening, and then drove back to the High School to decorate for the event. The room was full of people everywhere fixing every little detail. I helped hang signs and lights for the coronation area. Once everything was perfect I went to the bathroom to get dressed and presentable.

I got my pink flannel shirt and my new fancy jeans on and began to apply my makeup. I applied a simple light pink eye shadow, mascara, and some glittery lip gloss on my lips. Next, I straightened my hair and placed a purple flower in it. Finally, to finish the look I put my cowgirl boots on and was ready to dance the night away.

Barnwarming started with a ceremony, dinner, and games. Then the moment came that I had been waiting for since I was a little kid. I was flushed in the face and my nerves were going crazy as I walked down the path and stood waiting for them to call the name of the Queen. I was filled with the ultimate joy when they called my name as Queen.

Being barnwarming Queen changed my outlook on life in so many ways. I now know that anything is possible and you can have your dreams if you want them bad enough. This was my most valuable day because my dream came true and the day was perfect.
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