Barn Burning 4

Topics: William Faulkner, Antagonist, Villain Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: November 20, 2011
“Barn Burning”
William Faulkner

In most stories one reads there is going to be a protagonist and an antagonist. The protagonist is the character in the story that is usually considered the good guy. The antagonist is usually considered the bad guy and clashes with the protagonist. In the story “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner he has a clear protagonist and antagonist. The protagonist of the story is Sarti. The antagonist of the story is Sarti’s father Abner. Faulkner makes this a very interesting story to read because of the relationship between Sarti and his father. Sarti shows us in the story how scared he is of his father through what he says and his actions. The idea of Sarti ever standing up to him just doesn’t seem possible until Sarti goes through a dramatic life change and decides he is going to stand up to him.

The story starts out in a justice courthouse with Abner on trial for burning down a barn. The court trying to figure out everything that happened calls Sarti to the stand to tell what he knows. Sarti is quite nervous when he is called up and almost blows his father’s cover, which upsets Abner. Sarti stood in front of the court knowing that his father burned down the barn but lied and said he didn’t and defended his father. The court could not prove Abner guilty but the judge told him to leave town or they would be in trouble. After the court trial, Abner felt that Sarti didn’t have his back and almost ratted him out in the court. He felt he was too nervous which almost gave it away to the court, so he yells harshly at Sarti and tells him never to let that happen again. After that their family gets in the wagon and leaves town.

After Abner yells at Sarti for almost getting him in trouble one realizes that Sarti is terrified of him. It makes a person think about life and how that when your parents tell you to do something and it may be the wrong way but it’s their way so even if you question it and you are right your parents may get...
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