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Variety is the spice of the Barbie Doll Marketing Success. First introduced to the US market in 1959, Barbie has grown into a global cultural phenomena. From just one female doll, the Barbie family has grown and includes over 38 friends and relatives. There are now dolls that represent multiple ethnicities, males, different age groups, different abilities, different lifestyles, etc. All totaled, there are now over one hundred and fifty different dolls under the Barbie brand. Quality

Quality has been the watchword of Barbie. Mattel has consistently researched on quality materials to ensure that the doll remains firm in the marketplace. Today’s Barbie are more lifelike using materials technology. A few years ago, when Mattel designers decided to give Barbie a flexible waist that would allow the doll to move back and forth and side to side For this, Barbie’s stomach needed to be made out of a material that was soft, flexible, and felt like a human body. It needed to fold and change when Barbie moved, to mimic human skin. Mattel finally decided on a very soft elastomer that was not harmful to children. Thus Mattel has placed accent on quality at every step of the Barbie revolution. Design

Different versions of the doll have been introduced to reflect the world’s diverse population. For example, Mattel has produced African-American Barbie dolls since 1968, the time of the civil rights movement, and has introduced Hispanic and Asian dolls as well. Themed dolls were introduced that changed with the times -- from stewardess, fashion model, nurse, and astronaut. When Hilary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate, Mattel came out with Senator Barbie. Features

Since the past 5 years, Mattel has organized its ever limitless variety into 4 different Features Slots called Tiers. The first tier is pink--Barbie doll's signature color - and then the additional tiers add other colors representing even higher standards like silver, gold, and platinum. The Pink Tier...
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