Ban of Plastic Bags in Pasay City: an Assessment

Topics: Plastic shopping bag, Metro Manila, Pasay City Pages: 14 (4221 words) Published: January 13, 2013

Since the purpose of the study is the problem concerning plastic banning, the researchers focused on the haphazard posed by the issue. Plastic bags are one of the plastic products produced in greater numbers, and one of the products most commonly dispersed in the environment. Unlike any other waste products, plastics have a slow rate of decomposition and accounts for various mishaps of flooding e.i.

Plastic bags have been introduced in 1970’s (Williamson, 2003) and gained an increasing popularity amongst consumers and retailers. They are available in huge numbers and varieties across the world. It is estimated that around 500 billion plastic bags are used every year worldwide (Spokas, 2007; Geographical, 2005). This widespread utilization is attributed to their cheapness and convenience to use. The vast majority of these bags are discarded as wastes usually after a single use. It is also believed that after their entry into environment, plastic. At present time, reports state that about 6,000 tons is either hauled to dump sites, dumped illegally on private land, in rivers, creek, Manila Bay or openly burned. Only 720 tons (About 10.7%) of the 6,700 tons is recycled or composed. Given this average, 2.4 million tons of garbage will be generated every year. This is equivalent to over 230 million cubic meters of waste, an amount that equates to a knee-deep layer of waste over the entire metropolis (over 630 square meters). Collection of this waste will require a line of garbage trucks going three times around the earth, and over halfway to the moon. The statistic shows a dramatic 75.55% of the total volumes of trash collected are plastics, according to Global Alliance for incinerator Alterative (GAIA), Greenpeace, Mother Earth Foundation and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

This fact showed the current issue concerning the prohibition of plastic(s). Wherein the estimated total solid waste generated in Metro Manila daily is 6,700 tons (based on 2003 population estimates)

Consequently, the Philippine News Agency reported that the municipality of Pasay City implemented its ban of plastic bags starting in September, year 2012. The city government passed City Ordinance No. 4647, series of 2011 last September. Under the ordinance, all stores in the City shall provide or make available to customers only recyclable paper carry-out bags, reusable bags, and compostable plastics bags for carrying out goods. In an interview, Pasay City Mayor Tony G. Calixto encouraged all store owners and operators to faithfully comply with this ordinance. Still, the decree does not prohibit or inhibit customers from using bags of any type that they bring to the store or from carrying goods that are not placed in a bag. Also, receipt of a customer must charge the customer a reasonable amount for each recyclable paper carry out bag and reusable bag; provided, that no rebate or reimbursement to a customer is allowed of any portion of the amount charged required thereof. Violators of the regulation will be apprehended and will be given warning for the first offense; 1000 pesos fine will be meted out for the second offense; 3000 pesos fine for the third offense: and closure or cancellation of the Mayors/Business Permit is mandated for the final violation. The local chief executive added that the ordinance`s implementation is timely, given the massive flooding that recently hit Metro Manila and nearby provinces due to the South west monsoon. The Pasay city Government announced that it would give the owners and operators of various stores and establishment in the city ample time to prepare for the eventual implementation of the Ban on the use of plastic bags. – (

Statement of the Problem
This research case study generally deals with the banning of plastic bags in the vicinity of Pasay City. It focuses on the dilemma concerning the prohibition of...
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