Bakery Report

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Today’s bakeries are profit oriented. Bakery’ continuous effort to maximize their profit encourages them to increase their sells and marketing service. Bakery tries to attract those potential customers commenting on to its philosophy in serving its clients through helping through enriched products and managerial services and other additional facilities

Objectives Broad Objective: To make a study on the products and services, marketing analysis, stratigies and financial plan .Specific Objectives:

1.To make a study on the entire execution of the bakery
2.To make a comparative analysis of our bakery with that of other bakery 3.To know the view of the current customers of the bakery
4.To know the view of the potential customers
5.To develop a marketing strategy for our bakery


We are exceptional operators of contemporary bakery and create value in every encounter with our owners, guests and associates. We provide exceptional and personalized service exceeding expectations inspiring a connection to our brand in the experience we provide. Our ultimate mission is to expand our bakery worldwide with fame and goodwill.


The bakery industry is filled with success stories. A small bakery may gain recognition from a prominent trend. Or, a large bakery could gain recognition by partnering with a neighboring attraction. In today's Internet environment, when consumers can be their own booking agent by evaluating reviews and prices online, the success of a bakery often depends on how it utilizes key factors like customer service, advertising, cost control and product differentiation.

Customer Service
Customer service is an integral part of the bakery experience. ," explains how the front-desk worker serves as the gatekeeper of the...
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