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Bagrry's India Limited

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Bagrry’s is one of the leading brands of health foods in India. They manufacture and market a wide range of high-fibre breakfast cereals and health foods which are wholesome and nutritious. Bagrry’s comes from the lineage of food processing group having experience of five decades in the food industry. Bagrrys India Limited today boasts of pan India presence. With a constant commitment to deliver the optimum quality of products to our customers we have moved from strength to strength through constant innovation and improvisation in every step of our processes. Commitment, hard work and consistent research for product development by the Bagrry’s team has helped the company to nurture into a premier health food manufacturer in our country. They are committed to offer high quality and reasonably priced products for a better living. The company has grown over the years to touch the lives of thousands of people in India and its neighboring countries. Every Bagrry’s product is manufactured under the most stringent QA/QC specifications. This has been coupled with outstanding product development due to customer feedback and research.

Bagrrys India Limited is manufacturing the following products:-

a) OATS:-

Oats like all other grain varieties belongs to the 'Poaecae' family. Oats is a whole grain like wheat, barley, corn and is called "Jai" or "Javi" in Hindi. Oats is a natural source of superior soluble fibre. It is a heart friendly health food; containing zero cholesterol and zero trans fatty acids. Oats however is different from other whole grains like Wheat, Barley, Millets, Bajra, and Corn etc.


The term ‘Muesli’ is derived from the Swiss German word, ‘Mus’, which means mixture. The secret behind the exceptional longevity and fitness of the people inhabiting certain countryside areas of Switzerland is Muesli. Muesli is made of whole grains, nuts, fruits, berries, honey etc, in various exciting and delicious combinations. Bagrry’s is the leading manufacturer of Muesli in India

c) BRAN:-

Bagrry’s Oat Bran is derived from the outermost layer of the oat groat. Each raw Oat grain is made up of two parts - The inedible outer hull (the husk) and the oat kernel (Groat). Within the groat are to be found the oat germ, the starch cell and the outer layer. Oat Bran is derived from the outer layer of the oat groat (hulled oat kernel). It is an excellent source of soluble dietary fibre.


Normal Corn Flakes is manufactured by removing the good bran and germ present in the corn grain. This corn grain is then steamed alongwith malt, sugar, salt etc. before being processed and converted into Corn Flakes. This processing of Corn Flakes makes it a very high glycemic index food. Infact the glycemic index of Corn Flakes is higher than that of sugar. By adding Bran (wheat) to the Corn Flakes the fibre content of Corn Flakes is increased making the Bran Added Corn Flakes a medium glycemic index food.


Bagrrys India Limited manufactures and sells its products on two main planks:

Life Insurance by Nature
Let's Put Health First

All the products manufactured by the company are high fibre health foods made to satisfy the taste buds. Due to the jetset life style which most people follow today their dependence on fibre free food and junk food made out of the same such as Maida, Sooji (Semolina), Corn Flakes, Biscuits, Burgers, Pastas etc has increased considerably. This dependance has triggered off (over a period of last few...
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