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Topics: Battery, Electric current, Electrolyte Pages: 6 (1413 words) Published: August 4, 2011
Notre Dame Of Greater Manila
Madre Ignacia Avenue, Grace Park East, Caloocan City, Philippines

Investigatory Project Entitled:

Electrical Activity of Copper and Electrolytes

Submitted by:Submitted to:
Jyrus Cimatu Mrs. Maquimay Jamil Mongcal
Wreccsor Cestina

I. Introduction

Philippines have always been a target of tropical cyclones and calamities. And let’s admit it; we are not always ready when it comes to disasters. Resources are scarce when we need it. Fortunately, we Filipinos have a knack of being street-smart and resourceful. We can turn any trash to treasure, we can succeed from rags to riches and we already proved that to the world. From any kind of liquids that contains electrolytes, we can produce electric current out from it. Following an experiment from the Mesopotamians and today’s modern, “fruit battery”, we have constructed a simple machine that can be used at any time of need.

Background Of The Study

A thorough research for an exemplary Functional Investigatory Project that could be used as an inspiration came from the media such as the television and internet. Several other researches were also found but they were very elementary and therefore not suitable for our level. However, browsing through the television channels, one program caught the researcher’s attention. The certain television channel was History Channel and the host was investigating battery that could have proven that Alessandro Volta was not the first person to conduct electricity. Scholars are investigating how the Ancient Egyptians go through the pyramid tombs. Since there was little oxygen, flame cannot be produced, leaving only one type of hieroglyphic to be based upon. A drawing of a giant light bulb. The researcher’s interest in producing light in spite of short resources sparked to help Filipinos in times of distress.


This study of Electrical Activity of Copper and Electrolytes aims to answer the following questions:

1.) Will the electrolytes achieve the same luminosity like a flashlight? Or is it enough to start up other simple gadgets?
2.) Which of the other electrolytes (vinegar, orange juice) would achieve a good voltage?


Based on the following circumstances and problems, the researchers have formulated the following hypotheses:

1. Because vinegar has much higher concentration than orange juice it will do better than the latter when it comes to voltage.
2. Using vinegar as a substitute for electrolyte, we think that vinegar can only produce half a volt.

Significance Of The Study

Economical Benefits
If found effective, this can be an alternative to those living in the province who relies heavily on expensive battery. Since vinegar comes from sugarcanes, coconut trees etc. They can easily have a source of power and an additional source of income.

Environmental Impact
We have just stated earlier that instead of consuming batteries, we can plant trees and plants therefore economizing and helping the environment the same time. Since Philippines is an agricultural country, we must maximize our natural resources so we can be progressive.

Future Research
If this functional project succeeds, it can be foundational to other researchers who will try to expand the uses of electrolytes. This paper can be an exceptional reference for future researchers who will endeavor to further understand and pioneer the way for electricity.

Scope and Limitations

The study on Electrical Activity Of Copper and Electrolytes only focus on the effects of electrolytes on whether will it be able to conduct and produce an electric current. We will only use electrolytes, vinegar, and orange juice as our variables.

Definition Of Terms

Electrolytes – it is pertaining to any substance that has free...
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