Bad Effects of Smoking

Topics: Nicotine, Cigarette, Tobacco smoking Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: October 7, 2011
Jonathan Yuanji Yin
Eng 111-051
Essay # 3 Draft #1
June 6, 2010
Bad effects of smoking for teenager
Smoking is only one bad habit, which is worse thing in the world and has only bad effects. Around the world, almost all countries people are smoke every day, but different only some countries people smoke more than others countries. For example,Asian countries smoking rate less than Europe and America because in Asian female smoking rate lass than male. InEuropean andAmerican countries smoking rate higher than Asian because Europe and America, both male and female smoking rate average same equal. Even though people know Smoking is very bad for health, still they smoke every day. Question is why do people smoke? A lot of people have a different view about smoking. Some people say, when they smoke, they look very cool and feel very smart, and also some people say if they don’t smoke, they feel not good. Is that true if people smoke, they look very smart and good, and also they feel good. Usually nonsmoker doesn’t like smoker because of bad smell. For example, one of my friends whose name is Mahul and hisfather smokes every day one pack cigarette.Mahul family members don’t like him when his father smokes cigarette even though he is their father.Mahul tried to explain his father so many times about smoking bad effects, and he told to his father that he couldn’t stay with him when he smoked because of smell. Not only Mahul but also nonsmoker doesn’t like smoker when they smoke in indoor place such as store, market, restaurant, and college even though they are not allow to smoke there. According to Global Advisors Smoke free Policy, the New Jersey Governor made new law The New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act (NJ SFAA) in January, 2006. Effective April 15, 2006, the new law included smoke free areaswhere people don’t allow smoking all indoor and public places, without gaming places in casinos (1). Other question is how people start smoking. Most of case people start...
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