Bacteria a Helpful Organism

Topics: Bacteria, Microorganism, Organism Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: March 2, 2013
One purpose of this paper is to show the importance of biology in our everyday life. The subject of this paper is the cause and affects of micro-organisms that are in the human digestive system. Article of choice, (Adnan, 2010) Benefits of Microorganisms to Humans, Retrieved February 8, 2013. This article was of interest because there are many bacteria that we encounter in our daily lives and it was informative to know that all bacteria is not bad. In fact, there needs to be a balance between the two and by educating yourself with the smallest amount of new information is very helpful. Humans rely on micro-organisms for a variety of things varying from health, welfare, food, and industrial products. Micro-organisms are microscopic organisms and can only be seen properly with the aid of a microscope. This includes viruses, microscopic fungi and bacteria. The human body is continuously handling various different micro-organisms on and in them, but mostly bacteria. Some fungi and other micro-organisms under normal circumstances in a healthy person is normally harmless, and can even be beneficial. One of these micro-organisms is known as the normal flora or the gut flora. Starr, C., Evers, C.A., & Starr, L. (2013). Biology today and tomorrow without physiology (4th ed.).Belmont, CA, Brooks Cole Publishing Co. (Cengage Learning) Bacteria are a single cell organism that are capable of multiplying by themselves and later are able to divide into two. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are categorized into groups by their characteristics. Bacteria exist everywhere, on and inside our bodies. Most of them are harmless and some of them are very handy to have. As with many microorganism’s, some bacteria can cause diseases, either because they end up in the wrong place in our body e.g. blood, or simply because they are designed to cause disease. There are at least 100 bacterial species that can cause disease in humans. (Starr, 2013) Viruses are...
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