Backup and Recovery

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Backup and Recovery Recommendation
Working for a small nonprofit organization with a grant of $500 to form a backup and recovery plan for their computers is not an easy task. Volunteers often go above and beyond to achieve greatness for non-profit organizations. In order to make this organization thrive, assistance is needed to backup all the information on the organization’s computers. With 11 computers and only 1 laptop all running on XP, additional hardware and storage needed so the organization can run efficiently.

This paper will focus on the recommendation for this backup and the hardware needed, a four step process that will ensure proper storage for the data and a strategy incase files are lost, deleted or destroyed in any form of disaster. Backup Hardware Recommendation

An individual would take a four step approach to backing up the hardware. Those steps would be to save the work on each computer on a weekly basis, purchase an external hard drive to save the data, copy the information onto a dual layer DVD on a week by week basis, then purchase some form of online storage and store the information on a daily basis. Having followed these steps, essentially there will be 2 forms of backup for all the files, a hard copy of DVDs and online so one can access the files off site incase of a disaster. The Four Step Procedure

In the first step, one would save each individual’s work onto one main computer on a daily basis. Once saved, the files can be scanned for viruses. When the files are clear of any virus, the files can be shared and saved onto the other computers in the office. This way, the organization will have 12 copies, one on each computer, of the updated work done daily. If this is done, should any of the computers be compromised by a virus, or an individual somehow loses his or her computer’s memory, there will still be 11 other copies that will be readily available. With the computers all being linked to each other, it would...
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