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Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

This essay will look at the literature on Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) understand the current developments in healthcare and how these relate to healthcare. Besides that, I will also explore the different theories of models of care and link it to practice. Finally, I will value the advancement in healthcare and precariously analyze the influence upon healthcare practice.

Around one million babies globally die yearly because they are not breastfed and given supplementary food before time. Others live in deprived health, contract preventable disease and suffer from malnutrition (Baby Friendly USA 2010). Lacks in breastfeeding during the first stages of a newborns life are the important factors for infant morbidity and mortality. BFHI is a worldwide effort initiated by WHO and UNICEF to apply practices that protect, promote and support breastfeeding. The BFHI was launched in 1991 by World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF as a worldwide effort to guarantee infants are breastfed for the best start in life. Since then it been 19 years and this initiative has made a great improvement (Saadeh & Casanovas 2009) .To help encourage this initiative different effort has been taken such as materials were supplied, lessons and seminar for maternity staff was held to improve the quality ok knowledge. (UNICEF 2002) .A hospital can be accredited a Baby Friendly Hospital (BFH) when it does not approve any substitutes for breast milk and has also implemented The Ten Steps for Successful Breastfeeding.

The ten steps for successful breastfeeding as listed are:-
Keep up a written breastfeeding plan which is regularly corresponds to all health care staff. •Prepare all the staff in expertise necessary to apply this principles •Notify all mothers on the advantage and care of breastfeeding •Assist mothers to start breastfeeding in between one hour of birth. •Demonstrate how to breastfeed and how to care of lactation, even if they are away from their newborn. •Do not give food or drink to the newborn other then breast milk, unless expect that is medically signified. •Practice “rooming in” let mothers and newborn to stay together 24 hours a day. •Promote unlimited breastfeeding

Not to give pacifiers or fake nipples to infants
Promote the organization of breastfeeding support team and refer the mothers to them

Breast milk is organic for babies. A living material that is superior to formulated milk. Breastfeeding allows a mother to supply their baby with all the needs for growth and development. Breast milk is highly nutritional and easier to digest compared to artificial milk. This allows the babies digestive system to develop. The nutrients in breast milk helps prevent illness and protect against common child health disease and infections. Breastfeeding also benefits mothers in many ways such as reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Moreover, breastfeeding helps the mother contract their uterus this process takes place when the baby is sucking and the body releases hormone to contract the uterus. With breastfeeding the mothers gets to feel the closeness with the baby due to the skin to skin contact.

According to (Anderson et al 1999) babies that are breastfed is associated with higher cognitive improvement. It also supported by another research by (Jacobson et al 1999) that with breastfeeding the IQ level of the child is significantly higher than the children that are not breastfed. Other than that, a child that is breastfed has better immune system. The frequency of children that are admitted to hospital with respiratory syncytial virus infections is radically lower. This suggests that breast milk has advantages than artificial milks (Downham et al 1976). In a study (Chantry et al 2006) analyzed children that are fully breastfed for 6 months have decreased risk for respiratory tract infection. A study with 32 000 Scottish children showed that obesity in...
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