Ba River

Topics: Vietnam, Phu Yen Province, Tuy Hoa Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Le Chi
Minh Phuc
Ngoc Thuy


The Ba River is the largest river in Phu Yen province and it is also the spectacular river in Central Viet Nam with 380 km long stretching from Kom Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak to Phu Yen province before mixing the sea. With poetic beauty, The Ba River goes down in Phu Yen people’s heart through the famous songs and poems. Also it brings many valuable benefits to people’s life along the river as well as province’s economy. The Ba River is derived from Ngoc Ro mountain which is over 1,500 meters from the sea level in Kon Tum plateau. The part of The Ba River running through Phu Yen is 90 km long, and the area of the river basin is 2,420 square km. It flows the through the districts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh, Tay Hoa, Phu Hoa, Dong Hoa and Tuy Hoa city. The downstream from Dong Cam Dam flows towards the South of Tuy Hoa city to pour into the sea called The Ba River. Nhan Mountain – The Da Rang River scenery is known as the symbol of Phu Yen province. Across The Da Rang River, there are three bridges: Da Rang Bridge, New Bridge and Hung Vuong Bridge. Moreover, The Ba River, together with some others such as Ky Lo River, Tra Buong River, Song Co River, Song Cau River ( or Song Ca River), Ca Lui River, Song Hing River, Krong Nang River, Dong Bo River, Ban Thach River, … supplies water for agricultural irrigation and hydro power plants.

The Ba River ( In addition, The Ba River has also many legends, and each section of this river has its own legend. For example: an interesting legend said that: Long long ago, the Heaven assigned The Ba River is the brother river, the Ca Lui River, Krong Hinh River, Krong Nang River, Cau River are younger brothers. Although having distinguish hierarchy, all the rivers must run at the same time to bring water to people, fields, cattle and plants … Times of each river was settled as follow: The first hour was for...
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