B2B vs B2C Legal Ethical And Regulatory

Topics: Contract, Law, World Wide Web Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: June 5, 2010
B2C versus B2B Legal, Ethical and Regulatory
Bob Holland
Milind Modi
April 28, 2010

B2C versus B2B Legal, Ethical and Regulatory
This analysis will provide the reader with information that explains how legal, ethical and regulatory issues differ on a B2C website compared to a B2B website. The analysis will examine these different elements and will describe the differences and the similarities. Overview

The primary differences of a B2C and B2B website when discussing the legal, ethical and regulatory issues associated with these sites are the result of the differences in the end user of the site. The primary user of a B2C site has an objective to sell, receive and process purchases and to provide customer service. The focus on the B2C site is on the individual and their rights. Some of the issues associated with a B2C site include the importance of privacy, confidentiality and protection of financial information such as credit cards. Also, there is a growing concern about how this information is stored and what type of accessibility is provided to it. The type and level of customer service provided is an important issue as well. On a B2B site the primary objective is to conduct business. This means communication with suppliers and vendors. The B2B sites may be monitoring inventory levels or conducting costs comparisons, globally. Communication is usually performed by the employees who have a focus on corporate goals and issues. Some of the issues associated with a B2B site include the use and storage of intellectual property by others, financial terms and payment methods are openly discussed, government regulations may impact the way that business is conducted, privacy is not as important. Whether the site is a B2B or a B2C, the world of e-commerce is confronted with issues which usually occur in one of the following categories. Privacy, property, accuracy and accessibility. Privacy deals with the...
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