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B062 practical use of ICT
I have been asked by the deputy head teacher at Lakeview School, Mr Brown to produce a system that will help him to give out awards. Therefore Mr Brown is my target audience. Since Mr Brown is not an experienced user of ICT I will have to make a system which is easily usable.


Design specification
My system will need to have the following:
* Text which is changeable
* Store numerical data (e.g. book token budget)
* Do calculations (e.g. so that I don’t overcome the budget)

Test plan

First I opened excel:

Then I saved the document with the name ‘Lakeview School awards system’:

Then I renamed the worksheets so that I could record macros on them:

Then I decided to record some macros:

After this I re-saved the document as a macro enabled file so that the macro would work later on as well:

After this I created buttons using the Developer tab in Microsoft Excel:

I created four buttons on the first page leading to all the different worksheets.

Whilst making the buttons I decided to rename the buttons so that Mr Brown will know where each button shall lead to.

I also created a home button on each of the other pages so that Mr Brown could find his way back quite easily.

I did this on all the other pages apart from the first page. Then I decided to add the name of the school to the first page:

Then I went on to Google images and searched for a logo for the name ‘Lakeview School’:

I placed this logo on the four visible corners of the worksheet:

Next I got rid of the gridline view to make the worksheet look more presentable:

I clicked this button to remove the gridline view.

Then I thought that it would be appropriate to add a background to the first page:

I got this background from the themes which were included with Microsoft Office Publisher 2010.

After this I thought that the logos were not in...
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