Azerbaijan Visa Detail

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Last updated 24 October 2012
General info on visa support process: how to get LOI & Tourist Voucher  To obtain tourist visa to Azerbaijan you will need an official Letter of Invitation (LOI) from travel agency licensed by Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Visa support letter has to be on a headed paper, duly stamped and signed. Invitation letter has to be submitted to Azeri embassy abroad along with application form, two passport-size (3x4 cm) photos and original passport/travel document (must be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Azerbaijani visa you apply for). It will allow applicant to obtain single or double entry (rarely granted) tourist visa that is valid for three months and authorizes to enter and stay in Azerbaijan for up to 30 days. will provide you with visa support documents from a travel agency licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and guide you through a tricky process of obtainment Azeri visa. Should you need an assistance with getting Azerbaijan tourist visa contact us for arrangements. We are working every day and aim to process all requests within 24 hours. Below you will find useful information that is updated on a regular basis. The complexity of the process is that there is no universal rule and every single Azerbaijan embassy interpret visa regulations with some variations of their own. Some consulates insist on that every single Letter of Invitation has to be separately validated through Consular Section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azerbaijan. This is a lengthy & bureaucratic procedure involves substantial costs, mainly related to corrupt practices of visa officials. As a result tourists would have to be charged $250 USD just for the visa support only. Most of the embassies though are happy with standard letterhead LOIs (properly signed & stamped) from Azeri travel agency along with official Travel Vouchers from Ministry of Tourism of Azerbaijan but without separate approval of that LOI through Consular Department of MFA in Baku. As mentioned, these documents are working fine for many (even most) embassies, but double check is highly recommended. For this reason we highly recommend customers applying for visa support through us to check with the relevant embassy whether they would accept such a document for visa. At the bottom of the page you can find more detailed info for most frequently used embassies. Also, as recommendation - try to obtain visa in your own country where AZ embassy is based. In case there is no AZ embassy in your country you should ideally obtain your visa in AZ embassy in any other country without hassle. However, if there is such an embassy in your country, but you apply in other country (and have no permanent residency there) then most likely you would be requested to provide MFA attested LOI. So CHECK BEFORE YOU TRAVEL! Check the bottom of the page for situation with AZ embassies  in various countries.  PLEASE, don't make inquiries on current situation with us, all the information that we have we immediately post on our site. We are physically not able to track all changes in every embassy. Please contact the embassy where you plan to obtain your visa and check with them. Thank you for understanding.   

NOTE: Visas upon arrival in Baku airport are no longer available from 15 October 2010.  Effective 15 October 2010, the Azeri Government has officially stopped to Issue Visa’s on arrival at the Baku airport for European and US Citizens (Turkish & Russian nationals are not affected). All affected nationals are required to obtain their visa in advance from an Azeri embassy. Azerbaijan is sending back any passengers without a pre-arranged visa. Only diplomats and people on official government business are being allowed in without a visa. No visas are available at land borders as well. All visas has to be obtained in advance in one of Azeri diplomatic missions...
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