Ayli Anaylsis + Related Text

Topics: An Imaginary Life, William Shakespeare, David Malouf Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: May 11, 2013
An individual’s interaction with the world accentuates their perspective of belonging in the flavour of their concern. However, barriers to belonging may exist externally or internally influenced by one’s perceptions of self or by the society’s expectations on individuals, rendering their ability and drive to connect and potentially lead to experiences of alienation. Hence, a genuine belonging and a greater sense of self can only be fulfilled by overcoming both external and intrinsic barriers. The texts, “As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare and “An Imaginary Life” by David Malouf explores how these obstacles to acceptance can be diminished over time. – you may want to elaborate on the ideas of each text in the introduction! Also where is the introduction of the text type of each text? Where is the concluding linking statement to wrap up the introduction! You should have 2 related texts!

Shakespeare demonstrates the abuse and corruption of a society’s hierarchical structure can have a demeaning effect on an individual’s affinity to …? and identity. This notion is expressed in the play through vignettes of estranged relationships. Shakespeare establishes the exclusion of Orlando and his discontentment with Oliver’s negligence of his moral responsibility, evident in the angry and indignant tone of “he keeps me rustically at home”. The use of broken prose here encapsulates Orlando’s perspective of being denied his rightful place within the family through Oliver’s tyrannical treatment of him. The conflict is then escalated into a heated dispute, where Shakespeare uses stichomythia to highlight the sinister reversal of the most natural human relationships, “I will physic your rankness, and yet give no thousand crowns neither.” Oliver dehumanises Orlando here, depriving him of his education and identity in the society resulting in his inability to form attachments towards the court. Thus, Shakespeare overturns the assumption of the family unit being a source of...
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