Avatar Film Essay

Topics: Avatar, James Cameron, 82nd Academy Awards Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: February 8, 2013
“We must change what we want to see.” In James Cameron’s “Avatar,” we see Jake Sully—the protagonist—fighting in the imperialistic battle between the Na’vi: the natives and the Sky People: the greedy humans. Jake is important because he shows the audience the importance of where to put your loyalty and how much it can change a person. He transforms from a bitter, strongly-opinionated jarhead —with no respect for the foreign planet’s land or inhabitants—to a warrior loyal to his clan that he will fight for and defend. We are introduced to Jake Sully as a paraplegic ex-marine with strong military values. Jake’s brother was one of the scientists about to begin exploring the densely forested moon named “Pandora” with an Avatar—genetically matched to him—of the Planet’s inhabitants: The Na’vi. A mugging resulting in Jake’s brother’s death ensued Jake to be flown to Pandora for his brother’s replacement. Jake’s first link with his avatar shows us his ignorant, impulsive and instinctive behaviour and furthermore, how little respect he has for the environment or wildlife. We begin to see Jake’s arrogant attitude fade and his loving and sensitive side brought out by Neytiri with his total involvement with the Omaticaya. Through Jake’s immersion into the Na’vi’s culture and growing relationship with Neytiri, his loyalties move away from the RDA: the race he was born to, and begins to sympathise and lie with the Omaticaya clan: the race he has been accepted into. “Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world, and in here is the dream.” “I see you.” This short but very significant sentence spoken amongst the Na’vi shows trust and loyalty – “It's not just, I'm seeing you in front of me, it's, I see into you.” Jake is an important character for the reason that the loyalty he establishes with the Na’vi—abandoning his race—helps the Na’vi to keep their land and sacred home. We start to see Jake’s shifting allegiance when he sabotages the RDA’s bulldozers...
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