Auttitude Towards Doctor Faustus

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Doctor Faustus’s Attitude toward and use of Knowledge and Learning
Doctor Faustus shows great knowledge and learning but the way he describes and uses the knowledge he knows is different from how others would take it. Doctor Faustus’s knowledge is vast and great but certain goals cannot be obtain because reality refuses to let it happen. Because of that, Doctor Faustus’s character development throughout the story goes up and down, and Faustus would choose his decisions by only the present and not the future results it would occur to him.

Doctor Faustus reveals a lot about himself as the story progresses. Faustus doesn’t like the boundaries created in many of the subjects he studies for: law, medicine and religion. The black arts come to Faustus and soon studies to become a magician, and summons Mephastophilis, the devil, to ask him to talk to Lucifer to make an offer. Faustus will sell his soul in exchange of 24 years of service by Mephastophilis. Mephastophilis has explained the dangers of this but Faustus doesn’t care for it and continues the offer. Faustus portrays that he doesn’t care for the circumstances for himself. The commitment he made to the dark arts shows how Faustus cares for knowledge in a way because he wants riches and supremacy of Germany. Faustus images this before the deal he made, and the choice was that he wants it.

Doctor Faustus had a great want for knowledge but many hurdles came in the way on how to use that knowledge. Faustus wanted to obtain more, and summoning Mephastophilis open a door for him to explore in ways. Faustus offering his soul to the devil is a choice he made. Faustus had no care for how he would get knowledge, he wanted some type of power greater than god or something unobtainable people can’t obtain. By asking for eternal life, Faustus was making decisions for certain goals. Once decisions are made, Faustus would regret the choice towards the end of his life. Faustus knew what problems would come at him because...
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