Automobile Power Plants

Topics: Fuel injection, Internal combustion engine, Diesel engine Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: June 21, 2012
1) How choke valve help in starting an SI engine?
2) What is Multi-Barrel carburettor? How does it work?
3) Explain the importance of swirl in diesel engines?*
4) Why the filtration of diesel is crucial for engine? mention types of fuel filters* 5) Mention different types of air filters with their application 6) Why electronic control of carburettor is necessary?*

7) Explain the function of governor in IC engine*
8) What is the difference between air injection and solid injection? 9) How is engine running-on or dieseling prevented?
10) What are the reasons for pure idle in a gasoline engine? 11) What happens if valve lift is less or more than the optimum? 12) What are venturi vacuum and ported vacuum?
13) Explain the function of a hot idle compensation valve? 14) What are the effects of injection lag?
15) What are the different types of nozzles used with the injectors? 16) Explain briefly any two important fuel supply system widely used in automobiles 17) What is duel carburettor? List out its advantage over single jet carburettor? 18) List the components present in a diesel fuel pump and injector arrangement? 19) What do you mean by idling speed of an engine? How it affects fuel efficiency? 20) Differentiate between open choke and constant vacuum carburettors 21) Where will you use a filter agglomerator?

22) What is the difference between air injection an solid injection in diesel engines? 23) Differentiate between pintle and pintaux type diesel injectors Essay questions
1) With a neat sketch explain the circuits and working of a solex carburettor 2) With a neat sketch explain the circuits and working of a SU carburettor 3) What are the basic requirements of a diesel injection system? with a neat sketch explain the working of a typical CRDI system 4) With a neat sketch explain the working of a distributor type diesel FIP 5) With a neat sketch explain the construction and...
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