Automobile and Oncoming Traffic Lane

Topics: Automobile, Lane, Road Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Major Setback

It was Sunday after Christmas and all the businesses around were open with great sales and deals. My mother and I had planned to open our family business early that day so we wouldn’t have to wait in traffic, which was terrible even early in the morning. The winter season was extremely cold that year. I got dressed as quickly as possible because I decided it would be beneficial to us if I went ahead and warmed up the car to get it running at optimal temperatures. We were finally on our way. It was nearly six o’clock and the traffic was just picking up. It seems as if all the shoppers had decided to get an early start in their shopping morning. Door buster deals must have been hard to pass up. Almost all the cars had started flashing their lights on and off. I knew what was coming. Being on a two lane road there wasn’t much a person could do to get in front of a slow moving vehicle. My mom kept telling me to keep a cars length of distance between me and the slow car in front of me. I was doing the speed limit and the other driver was, obviously, way under the limit and you can see a clear road many miles ahead of this snail of a driver. The road was wet from the night before, but the sky was clear. It had rained a couple of days before and had been sprinkling a couple hours on Christmas night, up until early morning around three or four o’clock. Fifteen minutes after getting out of our, maze-like, subdivision my mother and I were finally on our way to work. I was driving. The driver that had been in front of me, driving under the speed limit, had veered onto a cross-street. I was able to resume driving at the posted speed limit. For many miles the street was clear, but still wet even after the sun had been out for a couple of hours. On a two-way street it is common to see driver’s passing up each other by using the oncoming traffic lane to speed up and get ahead of the vehicle that is driving slowly. The perfect time to pass up would be when you...
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