Autobiography of a Fish

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  • Published : June 28, 2012
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I am a fish, very small and cute. At one time a long long ago, I used to live in the depths of a river but, as time passed by, my life has changed a lot. This new life that I am spending now, is just wonderful, and I like it immensely. However, life was never hard on me. Even when I lived in the river, I was very happy as, life there was calm and quiet, and I gained a lot of experience there. Going backwards down memory lane, I can very clearly recall my life in the river. There, in the depth of the river, I was almost a non-entity as, I was very small and insignificant, and there were very many big, large and huge fish in the water. I used to swim delightfully with my friends, meet many more fish of my clan, enjoy the company of colleagues and elders and have a life of bliss. At times, in the river, I even encountered bigger fish, some of them double my size, but, whenever I noticed a big fish coming my way, I remember how I used to change my route, my direction and go for safety. This we all did as, we had heard that, the big fish eat whole the smaller fish, to satisfy their hunger. This life continued at the river for a long time. I used to see many a time fishermen come with nets, and trap fish and take them away. This I came to know they did, as men eat fish. The fishermen would catch fish of all sizes and sell them. This never frightened me as, I was just too small and could fill no one’s stomach. This thought always kept me and my small colleagues feel safe. However, this was not true. One day not a fisherman but a Sahib came to the river with a net. Just as I was wondering how a Sahib could work as a fisherman, he threw his net towards the direction of my placement and that of my little friends. He managed to catch about twenty to thirty of us. We were all frightened and wondered what the Sahib would do to us. However, this worry did not last long as, he soon went to his home and put all of us in water once again. What we saw now was a great relief for...
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