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  • Published: February 1, 2013
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Inflation in Bangladesh over six months


In macroeconomics, inflation is a much known term. Generally, Inflation denotes a sustained increase in the general level of price. During the inflation period the price of goods and services go up and the people will tend to buy less goods and services. Many people think that inflation makes them poorer than before because it raises the cost of what they buy. From the view point of macroeconomics, in Bangladesh the inflation rate is a bit unstable. An overview situation of inflation in Bangladesh over six months in 2007 is discussed in this term paper.


“Inflation in Bangladesh over six months in 2007” is the partial requirement under the course of principles of macroeconomics (Eco 102). As it is said earlier that during the inflation period the price of goods and services go up and the people will tend to buy less goods and services because they feel themselves poorer because inflation raises the cost of goods and services what they buy .Here, it is trying to identify the inflation, the reasons behind inflation and the current situation of inflation in Bangladesh.


To serve the purpose, it is followed standard research methodology to extract the findings and applied sophisticated data analysis techniques to get consistent and sound output. For the term paper secondary data have been collected. Secondary data have been collected from the internet, the article and the reports published in the daily newspapers related to this topic.

Research Findings

Bangladesh's rice market currently operates in an import parity price regime, that is, the cost of making imported rice available in the domestic market dictates the rice price in the domestic market. The earlier benefits from excess food reserve in India are no more available to Bangladesh.

The inflation results from increases in the cost of petroleum imposed by the member...
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