Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 9, 2013
My Educational Journey through High School
​When you start high school you are one step closer to getting your diploma and entering the real world to make something of yourself. As a child we start off at an early age when it comes to getting our education. Most people would say school is a place where you make friends and have fun and for others your there to learn something. As for me I fall in the category with many others who want to learn something new and make friends too. One aspect of my educational career would be my journey through high school, and how each year made me become a better person. ​When starting my freshman year I was pretty excited, based on the fact that it was my first year of high school. The counselor’s told us in the beginning that our first two years of school were the most important because that’s when you start to build your GPA. For me on the other hand I didn’t really pay attention to my GPA because I felt it was no need to, it was only my first year. The teachers I had were very nice and were basically there to collect a paycheck, but my English teacher Ms. Harhia who was the one I looked up to the most and who I respected. I had a very bad English class so all she did was yell and scream, but she still taught her lesson for the day and everyone understood. She always would tell the class that “you can do all things if you put your mind to it and try striving for the best”. ​Through my sophomore year I became more alert on things and started to get my act together when it came to my grades. History was one of my favorite subjects during that year because I had the best teacher named Mr. Lewis. He made history seem so interesting and you would have thought that he was living back then. I became involved in organizations like the Spanish club. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the time, but in the end I learned a few things and also was taught how to dance to Mexican music. ​I also got involved with the...
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