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Topics: Vienna, Johann Strauss II, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: September 15, 2008
Austria is said to ba a beautiful country, with the quality of life which is very high in Austria. Austria’s capital ranks as one of the most attractive cities world wide.
In Austria, there is a place called Vienna, which is the capital of Austria, and its history goes way back to roman times. Many cities in Europe are based on Romen military settlement called Vindobona. Another city in Austria is Salzburg, the birth place of the town could be set in the year 696 when the missionary St. Rubert arrived and founded the Benedictine moastery of st. peters. Some more cities of Austria are Linz and Graz, which are both very interesting to study.

The culture of Austria is very interesting, they lister to different music, study different art, their very unique. Some types os music they listen to are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Joseph Itaydn , Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss Jr., Johann Strauss Sr., and Johannas Brahms. The so called modern music they listen to would be by Falco and Dj Otzi. The type of paintings they do or have are very exotic and real, its kind of like there dark in a type of mysterious way, but there very unique.

Music is a huge part of Austrian life. It is one of many greatest arts. A lot of music they listen to today are things like Waltz, Opera, Mozart, and even Gun N` Roses. Austrian’s are also big on paintings, another kind of art they enjoy is poetry, things written by people like Kurt F. Svater, who is in ther international hall of fame , but this is just an example of the mant greatly talented poets or artist in general in Austria today.

In Austria there is so many different types of food from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner, dinner to desserts, and even pastries on the side. The food in Austria is different than what were we are use to eating, were use to a store bought piethat has to be thawed out. When you eat out in a café in Austria you get there delicious fresh and hot home cooked...
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