Australia's Links to Aid

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Aid is given to help other countries develop , for humanitarian reasons , and to improve social justice and equity, it is also beneficial to Australia and our future prosperity. Aid strengthens economic , political , strategic and cultural ties between countries and therefore it is In Australia’s national interest to be an Aid donor. Australia's largest regional recipient of aid is Papua New Guinea, with other recipients in the poorest parts of East Asia. Australia also contributes to development needs in South Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries.

Australia places a high foreign aid priority on Asia-Pacific island countries and territories that share historical, political, economic, and community links. Australia devotes substantial resources to developing and maintaining cooperative bilateral partnerships with these countries and territories, and to contributing to the work of Pacific regional organizations.

The main benefits of receiving aid in developing countries are
Economic growth , Better living standards through improved health and education services and infrastructure , the promotion of greater political stability through democracy, sustainable development and improved social justice and equity.

A large amount of Australias aid is tied aid, this is where the nation must spend some of the aid on Australian goods and services. This provides more job opportunities for Australians , increases export sales and helps Australian companies access new and future markets.

cultural advantages : improves australia's reputation , helps preserve australia's historical, social and cultural ties with other countries . Economic : development of global trade, stimulates economic cooperation , jobs created in aid agencies

geopolitical:-strengthens ties with other countries, producing less risk of war , improves border security , allows cooperation between countries on issues regarding asylum seekers and refugees....
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