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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Since there are no schools nearby, most children in Australia receive their education from a two-way radio. Australia’s history, including the British takeover of the Aboriginal people in 1788, and geography have shaped the nation in many ways. Australia’s physical geography is beautiful, but deadly at the same time. The Outback’s harsh climate and terrain is difficult for people and animals to survive in. On the other hand, the Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful sight for tourists to visit every year. The oceans that surround Australia provide the people of Australia with a place to fish, travel, and trade goods. Australia’s human geography is very diverse and interesting. The arrival of the British impacted the Aborigine’s culture. British introduced trade with other nations. The British people learned to adapt and took advantage of the Australian environment. History also shaped Australia. Aboriginal people were native to the region. Although the British took away the Aborigine’s rights when they settled Australia, the Aborigines have more rights now. Like most countries, modern day Australia was formed by past events.

The Outback is the main physical feature in Australia. The Outback is located in the middle of Australia. The Outback is dry and has low plains and plateaus. At 2.2 million square miles, the Outback is the same size as the 48 mainland states of the United States of America. The Outback has dust storms that last for days. People stay indoors and it suffocates animals. The Outback has deserts, coastal regions, tree line gorgeous and tropical rainforests. The Outback’s climate is arid. Arid climate is a relatively dry climate. One physical feature that is more beautiful than the Outback is The Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful coral reef. It is located off the east coast of Australia. The large, sharp, rock-like material made out of dead sea creatures conformed together, makes up this amazing sight. The Great Barrier Reef lies in the Pacific Ocean off to the east of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef has 2,900 individual reefs made into one very large reef. This reef is 300,000 square miles altogether. The Great Barrier Reef attracts many swimmers and scuba divers every year from all over the world. The Great Barrier Reef is an important part of Australia’s economy because it attracts tourists from all over the world. These people come to Australia to vacation and spend money. The tourists swim in these waters to fish, view the underwater life, and enjoy the wonderful reef. The reef is located in one of the two oceans that surround Australia. The oceans are another physical feature of Australia.

Oceans are some of the main providers of water for Australia. Australia is a continent that is surrounded by bodies of water called oceans. The oceans that surround Australia are the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Because of the surrounding oceans, they have a wide variety of climate. They have humid subtropical, tropical wet and dry, maritime, arid, semiarid, and mediterranean. Although Australia has a wide variety of climate, the primary climate in Australia is semiarid because this climate covers a majority of the region. The Indian Ocean boarders more than one-third of Australia’s coastline. The Indian Ocean is on the south side and west side of Australia. The Pacific Ocean is on the north side and east side of Australia. Over the years, the oceans have been used to help people and goods get from place to place. This has allowed people to spread different cultures into Australia. Culture has been changed ever since the British people settled in Australia.

Human geography is the cultural geography and ethnic geography in a region. The arrival of the British impacted Australian culture. In 1788, Captain James Cook arrived in Australia from Great Britain. He started the colonization of Australia. He found gold in Australia. Finding gold in Australia influenced the people of...
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