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1 Introduction There are many contributing factors as to why people resort to abusing or mistreating their own children or the children around them. A child who is being abused or severely mistreated could be from pure hatred or jealousy, drug and alcohol abuse, every day stresses, mental illness and maybe even pleasure. 11 year old Aurore Gagnon was a victim of child abuse and died because of it. Who was responsible for the death of Aurore? What can society do to prevent such abuse in the future? Background Information

According to Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History (2008), Aurore Gagnon was born on May 31st, 1909 into a Roman Catholic family in Fortierville, Quebec. Aurore was the second of five children of farmer Telesphore Gagnon and Marie-Anne Caron. Unfortunately Marie-Anne Caron was hospitalized with Tuberculoses and not long after Telesphsphores cousin Marie-Anne Houde moved in wanting to take care of the house and children. Aurores mother died on January 3rd, 1918 at Beauport Asylum from tuberculoses and 7 days later Telesphore married Marie-Anne Houde. Three children died in Marie-Anne Houdes care, two of her own children and two year old Joseph who supposedly died from natural causes in 1917. At the age of 10 Aurore was hospitalized with a leg infection caused by a beating Marie-Anne had given her. Aurore died feruary 19th, 1920 from blood poisoning because of untreated wounds. After Aurores funeral, Telesphore Gagnon and Marie-Anne Houde were arrested on the way out of the funeral. Telesphore was sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter but was released in 1925 for good behavior. Marie-Anne houde was sentenced to be hanged but since she was 2 pregnant they decided life imprisonment. Marie-Anne was released from prison in 1935 for health reasons, and died of breast cancer in 1936 from breast cancer. Findings * According to Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History(2008), Emilien Hamel nephew of Telesphore Gagnon stated, “I saw that he had beaten her because she hadn’t washed her dishes.” Within the nine day span he had stayed there, Emilien had also watched the step mother beat Aurore with a switch for also not doing the dishes. Emilien stated, “well, she hadn’t washed her dishes; it seems to me she was right.” Emilien did not bother to tell her to stop because he was also afraid, “well, I was younge and I was afraid.” * According to Canadian Mysteries(2008) Adjutor Gagnon who is Telesphore Gagnon’s neighbor states was at their house on the 17th and 18th of January on behalf of the justice of the peace. Adjutor said, “Her eyes were black, here, there, below the eyes.”…”I found that she had greatly deteriorated.”…”I thought that she was really thin and had changed a lot.”…”Her cheeks was bruised.” After seeing the condition Aurore was in, Adjutor went home and continued work as stated by Adjutor Gagnon in Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History (2008). * According to Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History (2008)Exilda Auger neighbor of Mr. Gagnon and...
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