August Rush 2

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General Psychology

August Rush

August Rush is a movie which is a psychological movie that deals with the connection of the nature and nurture development. Nature development is responsible for cognitive aspects such as mental capacities, endowments, innate traits and other materials that contributed to development as passed upon generations through heredity. The inherent traits that an individual possesses are unfolded through maturation.

Nurture is associated with environment provides the stimuli for nourishment and proper development of certain organism. There are specific patterns of behavior that are acquired through learning and maturation.

This movie is all about the boy, who is an orphan named Evan Taylor /August Rush (Freddie Highmore) who has gifted by his musical talent. He believes that the music that he hears all around him is his parents communicating with him. He also believes that his parents are still alive and they will come for him someday.

His parents are musicians. His mother is Lyla Novacek (Keri Russel) which is a concert cellist, and his father is Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a guitarist and a lead singer of a rock band. Lyla didn’t know that his child is alive because he got an accident when she gives birth to his son. Lyla’s father deliver the child to an orphanage and when she woke up his father told to her that his child was gone. She only discovers that her son was alive when his father was sick. She immediately goes to New York to look for his son.

Evan run away from the orphanage and goes to New York City to find his parents but he was taken by the man known as “Wizard” (Robin Williams).Wizard is man who houses various orphans and runaways. He employed them to play music on the streets as his workers. He teaches them to play different types of musical instrument and Evan was easily learned how to play guitar for one...
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