Auditing as an Instrument of Ensuring Accountability

Topics: Business, Management, Pension Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: December 5, 2012
An Overview of Auditing Services

Auditing services are very important for the business owners to get the valuable information and assurance that reports are correctly presented. Further, the auditing services provide an opportunity to the business persons to know more about their businesses and its various aspects. It also provides sound base to business persons to communicate properly with investors, their partners and banks. Above all, auditing services provide ideas of the objective presentation of their (business persons’) financial issues as well as make available beneficial advices.

However, a few of the accounting firms provide excellent auditing services for their clients. Their experienced accountants first understand the ongoing business procedures and its services and then offer auditing services. Simultaneously, their auditing services facilitate their clients to take the advantages of changing business trends and support it (businesses) to grow with the same pace. In addition, they also use software technology for the accurate, efficient, orderly, and timely auditing services. Some of the Important Auditing Services are:

Preparing financial report and providing advisory services: The new rules and policies of economic liberalization have amplified the need for preparing financial report and advisory services. However, if you avail the auditing services then ultimately it will support your accountancy and related works. On the other hand, the advisory services assist in preparing detail financial reports. Under advisory services, the experienced professionals also describe some new accounting requirements that may arise due to further growth and expansion of the businesses. Auditing of the pension plan: Accounting firms have an exclusive team of experts who have years of experience of auditing the pension plan for their clients. They incorporate all variables and use latest technology to audit the pension plans.  It consists of a complete...
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