Topics: Auditory brainstem response, Otology, Otoacoustic emission Pages: 4 (1156 words) Published: October 3, 2012
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Job Description:
The typical job responsibilities of an audiologist are to treat the patients hearing, balance or any other ear related problems. They first examine the problem, check the results and diagnose or determine the exact problem before giving out the treatment. Audiologists also fit and prescribe hearing aid. They have records of their patients to keep track of the progress, and lastly research on things related to audiology and their patients. The aspects about this career that interested me the most would probably be right away as I read the job name, seeing “audio” immediately caught my attention. Personally, if I were to lose one of my senses, I’d hope it’d not be hearing. For me, music is a big part of my life, and losing hearing means losing music, singing, and dancing. If I were to get into this job, a main goal for my life is to want to help people; so having the opportunity to help people out as well as hearing having a special meaning to me, it’s interesting and something I want to look into. The working conditions for an audiologist can vary. The working schedule is generally full time, maybe including weekends or nights to fit the patient’s schedule. The environment is an indoor office at a hospital or clinic—often closed off so no outside sound can get in, that way it won’t interfere with testing. Most do work in health care facilities, for example audiology clinics, hospitals, and at physician’s offices. Other audiologists work at schools. At audiology clinics, in an average day, the audiologist may focus basically on three things—diagnostics, rehabilitation, and hearing conservation services. Diagnostics would have to do more so with assessments for adults as well as...
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