Audience Paper About Car Crush

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Audience Paragraphs
Audience: The father of your girlfriend
I just want to tell you something about last night and you probably will be upset about this. Last night, I took your car to bring your daughter to the basketball game. Unfortunately, on the way back home, I was about to turn left at the traffic lights, and a group of bad boys in a truck suddenly hit the left side of your car, and drove away. No one was injured, but your car was damaged quite a bit. As soon as it happened, I reported to the police about the accident, and took your car to the service to repair. Please don’t worry about that; I’m going to pay for all the cost. I feel so sorry and regret about your car’s damage. I promise that I won’t make that same mistake again. I hope you will forgive me and won’t let this change our relationship in a long run. Audience: Your friend who did something similar in the past

Last night, a horrible thing happened to me. I took my girlfriend’s father’s car and I crushed his valuable car. But, it wasn’t my fault; a group of bad boys in a truck hit my car, and drove away. Now, I have reported to the police about the accident and have to repair his car at the service. I heard that the same situation had happened to you before. So, I hope you can come over to help me with the police, insurance things and other stuff like that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that her father won’t be mad at me. Audience: A stranger who doesn’t have children or a car

An accident happened last night. On the way back home with my girlfriend in his father’s car that I was driving in, a group of boys in a truck crashed on the left side of the car, and drove away. Fortunately, no one was injured. As soon as it happened, I reported to the police about the accident and sent his car to the service to repair it. It will take three days to get in normal shape.
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