Attitude, Personality, Perception

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Sense Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: September 30, 2012
An outstanding organization always tends to accomplish objectives with excellent coordination and cooperation of individuals and groups. Individuals’ influences can lead to a great performance or poor performance. Therefore, a successful manger should recognize people’s characteristics so as to assign jobs to the right people, adjust people to the suitable environment, and appoint people to the positions which can stretch people’s capability. As such, it must take studies of people’s behavior and characteristics as reference to develop organizational activities. Personality, attitude, and perception of people, there is no doubt, can be principally viewed as the determinants of which understand people’s behavior and create effective and efficient work groups. Individual refers to one single person of organization or groups who is the basic unit and cell of organizational formation directly influencing the collective qualities, and is researched into different aspects such like learning, motivation, perception, training, effectiveness of leadership, degree of job satisfaction, individual decisions, performance assessment, attitude evaluation, recruitment and selection of employees, work design, pressure of work. Personality refers to the individual psychological structures and processes which shape a person’s action and reactions with the environment, and is applied to describe individual psychological development and formation. To speak in concrete terms, characteristics of which can be said to be as follows, Uniqueness. Individual personality is formed under the interchangeable function by inborn and postnatal factors such as inheritance, environment, education. Different inheritance, environment of survival and education take shape of psychological characteristics of individual. Personality is different in a thousand ways. Stability. Psychological characteristics arose occasionally cannot be viewed as personality. For instance, the introverts always seem...
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