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If you have to write an essay paper on Atlantis, you have a chance to reveal its secret and find out many interesting facts.  
Writing essays on Atlantis implies investigating 3 main questions: 1. Did Atlantis really exist?
2. Where was Atlantis located?
3. Why did it disappear?
So many works of modern researchers are devoted to Atlantis. So, it will not be a problem for you to find secondary sources for writing the paper on Atlantis.  
Atlantis essay question #1: Did Atlantis really exist?
Different historians have different positions on this question. Some of them are sure that Atlantis was nothing more than Plato’s imaginary tale. Others strongly believe that the atlantes really existed and, what is more, had supernatural abilities. Present other positions in your essay on Atlantis.  

Atlantis essay question # 2: Where was Atlantis located?
According to one of the theories, Atlantis used to occupy the greater part of the Atlantic Ocean. Its northern part was situated near Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, and a part of England. The southern part was Brazil, Texas, Mexico, and a part of the USA.   According to another theory, Atlantis was located on the Pyrenean peninsula. You can find more assumptions as to the actual location of Atlantis and present them in your Atlantis essay.  

Atlantis essay question #3. Why did Atlantis disappear?
There are also several versions of why Atlantis disappeared. Some of them are: * Atlantic civilization disappeared as a result of an earthquake; * A huge tsunami destroyed Atlantis;
* Atlantis was destroyed as a result of asteroid’s collision with the Earth. Surf the Web and try to find more theories about the death of the atlantes. Present your findings in the Atlantis essay paper.  

You can also write descriptive essays on Atlantis. In such papers, you may describe how the atlantes looked or the places where they lived using the works of Plato.  
We advise you take the task seriously, since...
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