Athletic Scholarships; Pros and Cons

Topics: High school, College, Secondary education Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: March 17, 2013
College scholarships, the attraction of every devoted sports player out there. Earning scholarships brings players together not only to step up their game, but to be enthusiastic about exceeding their academic goals. Colleges put down an amount of money to attract top athletes from high schools all over their state. Athletic meaning all sports, like golf, fencing, and water polo. Tons of schools and families support the aid colleges grant in their athletic scholarship programs, while others are against it, saying that it has too few people who are accepted and that it takes away money that everyone else has to pay for their classes. They don’t realize that players will be encouraged to do great academically, so that they may do great athletically. (Gallagher Flinn, 2012. How Scholarships Work;

Families all over the United States struggle with getting their sons and daughters into colleges. Athletic scholarships provide the support to poorly financed students with paid semesters of classes in exchange for their athletic services. More can’t afford it than can, but those who are chosen are made sure to have a devotion to their academics and their sport, so they may play on the team. This way families can have their kids go to a college only to have to pay for a little of the tuition, or maybe even a full scholarship. This offers education that the student couldn’t afford, in which he or she will be driven to do excellent academically due to desire for their sport, and fulfill the almighty wish of being drafted into a professional league.

More and more people are having trouble with the ever increasing tuition payments for colleges and universities everywhere. As the economy goes down, prices of education become higher valued. If a high school student is recognized by a college, they may be given a scholarship. Athletes all over the state coming from high schools are scouted, so the college knows if the...
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