Astrazeneca Strategic Business Analysis

Topics: AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical industry, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pages: 14 (3585 words) Published: November 20, 2010
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1.1 Introduction and background 3 1.2 Methodology 4 2.1 Key opportunities 5 2.2 Key challenges 6 3 Internal and Industry Analysis7

3.1 Porter’s six forces analysis 7 3.2 Financial position 8
3.3 Product position 9 3.4 Pipeline developments 11 3.5 R&D analysis 13 3.6 AstraZeneca innovative partnership 14 4 Strategy Evaluation 15

5 Conclusion 16 6 References 17 7 Appendix 18


This report is prepared for AstraZeneca plc to discuss the key opportunities and challenges that the company faces in today’s pharmaceutical industry. The report also provides company’s internal and industry analysis, evaluation of 2008 strategies and how it can gain competitive advantages.

The report provides the key opportunities in terms of its external environments which consist of emergence of expanded patient populations in new markets like China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and South Korea where the market growth also high; increasing and ageing populations in established markets and awaiting new drugs approval. By contrast, the report also discusses the challenges like pricing pressure, Higher regulatory hurdles for new medicines, Competition from research-based and increasingly, generic pharmaceutical companies.

The report analyses a comprehensive insight into the company including Financial Position, Product Position, R&D, Merger and Acquisition, provides comparison with major competitors and industry norms with the view of how it gaining and can gain competitive advantages.

The report also evaluates and compares company’s 1st three quarter of 2009 with 1st three quarter of 2008 in terms of its current strategies objectives and performance.

The report comes into conclusion with the key aspects that AstraZeneca needs to emphasis for future growth and sustainable competitive advantages.


AstraZeneca operates in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment which presents both opportunities and challenges although the fundamentals of the world pharmaceutical market remain robust. AstraZeneca PLC is a leading pharmaceuticals company engaged in the design, development, production and marketing of a broad range of prescription pharmaceuticals, biologics and vaccines to fight disease in the areas of healthcare; such as cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infection, neuroscience and respiratory and...
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