Assyria and Hittite

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They grew wheat, barley, grapes, and olives. They also made sugar and were very popular for it.

Raising animals
They raised horses, cattle, sheep, and goats.

The Hittites were skilled in the works of metal.
They created weighed coins.
These were used for buying and selling with the Babylonians.

The Hittites greatly modified the system of law they took from the Babylonians. These laws were less harsh than the laws of the Babylonians because the Hittites were less concerned about keeping a rigid, central point in laws. While you could be killed for just about everything under the Babylonian laws. Under the Hittites’ only a small handful of crimes were crimes enough to kill a man. Even murder only came with a fine that was large, but it was far more preferable than losing your life.

Hittite Language
They spoke Indo-European, but some
tablets were found in Akkadian. Others were found in Hittite. Hittite was the oldest Indo-European language ever founded.

Hittite clothing and appearances
Their clothing was made from ether the wool of a sheep or a wool of an angora goat. Their clothing was colored red, blue, or yellow.

The Hittites took many of the ideas of other gods from other civilizations. But the odd thing about them is, whoever they conquered, they added that civilizations religion to their own. These people led to further history with other civilizations as well. This finally concluded into forming Hebrew.

Hittite Government was a City-State environment.
The Hittites ran as a city-state government. This meant that the kingdom was separated into two or three areas that were: The Kingdom
- Center Circle
The Village
Middle Ring around the Kingdom and in front of the Farmland
The Farmland
- The outside or surrounding land for farms, modern day countryside

The Empire of the Hittites is almost in the shape of an elephant or a rhino…
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