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Assault weapons Essay

In the past recent years, the US has experienced major tragedy from gun violence. The Century movie theater shooting which resulted in killing of 20 people and injuring 58 others. There was Clackamas Town Center shooting in Oregon which a gunman open fire with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle killing two people and injuring two others. The most horrific shooting was the notorious Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, which resulted in the in the death of 26 people from a man with a high powered rifle. These past shootings has now caused a debate over gun control in the US. President Obama has now recently called a on a ban on Assault weapons and other high capicty magazine. The definition of an assault weapon is considered to be a gun that can hold more then 10 bullets or a gun with a pistol grip. The right to bare arms is constantly being compromised. A ban on assault weapons is outrageous, and unconstitutional. The United States founders made this country because they wanted to get away from laws like this. Assault weapons should not be banned in the US for sever reasons.

Assault weapons can be used as an useful tool. In the southern States, people use assault weapons to hunt . There is a huge hog population in the South that creates problems, and farmers hunt them. The hogs cause millions of dollars in damage every year from destroying crops from farmers and evan attack people. The assault weapons are used to control this hog problem to keep the population low. For instance, In the KTRE new station Lukfin Texas. Polly Bowers Manes a hunter speaks up about the ban on assault weapons. In her own words manes says " I'm worried because this is a right that we have thats being infringed up, if I wanted a gun, thats my right." Manes basically says that using her assault weapons to hunt herds is doing the community a service, and having a gun that only holds 10 bullets isn't enough.Also,...
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