assisted suicide

Jin Yiying
Mr. Adams
September 23, 2013
Assisted Suicide
In the 1990s, ‘Doctor Death’ Jack Kevorkian invented the first assisted suicide machine

in the world. He was then thrown into prison for 7 years (Pickert). This caught people’s attention

and made them question whether it should be legal to request physician assisted suicide, which is

when someone asks a physician to help him or her terminate his or her life. This topic became

one of the most popular discussions in recent years, but the truth is that it has actually been a

centuries- old debate. For both logical and humanitarian reasons, assisted suicide is not right and

should not be legalize.

Is it right for a nation founded on Christianity to allow citizens to choose assisted

suicide? Can a decision that is made by a mentally ill person be treated as a rational decision? Is

the prevention of pain an acceptable circumstance in which to end a life? People still do not have

a widely accepted answer. It is not clear whether physician assisted suicide is right or wrong.

Assisted suicide should not be viewed solely as affecting one life, but should be viewed as a

decision that affects many.

The declaration of independence states that everyone has the right to pursue happiness

In whatever way they choose. Many argue that a decision to kill oneself is a private choice, that

society should not be, and has no right to be concerned. America believes that with its freedom,

people can do almost everything based on their own choices. Physician assisted suicide is also

one of the choices that they can decide. The common argument is that these people are adults

who can make rational and reasonable choices, however many people who request physician

assisted suicide are mentally ill. Of those who attempt suicide but were unsuccessful, less than 4

percent go on to kill themselves in the future, which means that most people changed...
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