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Introduction of Plastic Products
The plastic industry of India has a big market potentiality and is gradually prospering. This potentiality of the market will surely actuate the entrepreneurs to invest in this industry. Entrepreneurs are trying to provide high quality plastic products, so that it becomes a booming industry. Commodity| 2010-2011| %Share| 2011-2012(Apr-Dec) | %Share| PLASTIC AND ARTICLES THEREOF. | 1,815,009.43| 1.588| 2,010,802.55| 1.8882| India's Total Export| 114,292,192.18|  | 106,492,687.15|  | In Rs Lacs Source: Ministry Of Commerce, India As figures from the above table we can easy figure out the market in the plastic export. We can easily find the growth in business as our market share is increased from last year and 1.88% for the current year yet. We can see that the value of our export is Rs 2,010,802.55 lacs are for 5 months is quite high the total export Rs 1815009.43 for last year. Commodity| 2010-2011| %Share| 2011-2012(Apr-Dec) | %Share| PLASTIC AND ARTICLES THEREOF. | 3,447,709.74| 2.048| 2,966,066.80| 1.7401| India's Total Import| 168,346,695.57|  | 170,452,705.87|  | In Rs Lacs Source: Ministry Of Commerce, India The statistics for the import of plastic products is more than what we export so we can also have domestic demand for plastic and article thereof. History

Indian plastic industry has made significant achievements in the country ever since it made a promising beginning with the start of production of polystyrene in 1957. The industry is growing at a rapid pace and the per capita consumption of plastics in the country has increased several times as compared to the earlier decade. The chronology of production of polymers is summarized as under – 1957 - Polystyrene, 1959 – LDPE, 1961 - PVC , 1968 – HDPE, 1978 - Polypropylene

Currently, the Indian plastic industry is highly fragmented with an estimate of around 25,000 firms and over 400,000 employees. The top 100 players of Indian plastic industry account for just 20% of the industry turnover. Barring 10 to 15% of the firms that can be categorized as medium scale enterprises, most of the units operate on a small – scale basis. The immense potential of Indian plastic industry has motivated Indian manufacturers to acquire technical expertise, achieve superior quality standards and build capacities in different facets of the booming plastic industry. Substantial developments in the plastic machinery sector coupled with matching developments in the petrochemical sector, both of which support the plastic processing industry, have facilitated the plastic processors to develop capacities to cater both the domestic as well as overseas exports. Products

There are 468 products categories for plastic products which have 468 HS Code under the article 39. The major plastic products that India export are -

Raw Materials - PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, polyester chips, urea / phenol formaldehyde, master batches, additives, etc

Packaging - PP / HDPE woven sacks / bags / fabrics, poly-lined jute goods, box strapping, BOPP tapes, a range of plastic sheeting / films (of PVC, PP, HDPE, nylon, FRP, PTFE, acrylic, etc.), pouches, crates, bottles, containers, barrels, cans, carboys, shopping / carrier / garbage bags.

Films - Polyester film, BOPP film, mesh, metalized / multilayer films and photo films

Consumer Goods - Toothbrushes, cleaning brushes, hair brushes, nail / cosmetic brushes, combs, molded furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) house ware, kitchenware, insulated molded house ware, microwave re-heat able containers, mats and...
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