Assignment: Learning Styles

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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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The way I will implement the recommendations for my personality type will be finding ways to encourage my understanding of materials through feedback and trying to have tasks defined in clear concrete terms. Some of the recommendation for my personality type and intelligence I have been already using it and, I can say the techniques works. I prefer to study, complete assignments, and learn alone. I can and do well in a group setting also but if you put me alone to complete a project and I will do much better. Another beneficial technique is reflecting on personal meaning of information which has helped me to better grasp material because it gives the material more meaning and helps me remember it. It is imperative to "Work to build weaker areas. In other words, use study strategies that don’t come naturally to you, in order to become better at them." (Carter, Kravits, & Bishop, 2007) To improve on areas of my learning styles and try to implement it into my daily routine. The importance of knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are is valuable because having an understanding of what techniques work for me is the foundation to learning and it helps me remember and learn more so that I may use my knowledge more actively as well as allows me to take advantage of what I am good at and improve what I know I need to work on. It is very important to learn and embrace your learning techniques because "Knowing how you learn helps you choose study techniques that capitalize on your strengths." (Carter, Kravits, & Bishop, 2007) By doing this I am improving myself and my educational pursuits. Also it is valuable to know the learning types of your classmates, especially in the traditional setting and even in the online environment, so that you can learn more from your classmates and they from you, so that together you can communicate and help each other learn more efficiently and improve each other's weaknesses, like when you give feedback on a classmates post. Knowing...
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