Assignment: Hostage-Taking in an Airplane

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Group Assignment
Dr. Olds
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Group Assignment
In my group assignment we found out that there was a crisis of hostage-taking in an airplane. The hijackers offered to release four passengers to the U.S. Embassy. In our group we had to come to an agreement on who we should safe. But first we had to make guidelines for what four hostages we could safe. We had six steps of decision-making, and the six steps were identify the problem, analyze the problem, establish the criteria, generate alternatives, evaluate alternatives and last select the best. When we identified the problem we all came up with on which of the four people should live. Then we had to analyze the problem. While analyzing it, we had to rank the four hostages to be released to survive by position of importance. On step three on establishing the criteria we came up with that with the hostages we wanted to save they need to have power or position to status, also gender wasn’t a factor, the age limit had to be 20 and up, they had to have a high education, and also political position. We also came up with a list on what the hostages couldn’t have to be saved and that was if they had a terminal illness, if they were a pedophile, a murder or also a rapist. Step four we generated our alternatives. Our alternatives were Brenda Jones; father John O’Brien, Juan Garcia, Elijah Brown, Betsy Bates, Congress woman Jan Perkins D.B Calhoun, and Andrea Ohms While evaluating our alternatives we found out that Brenda Jones had no job skills and couldn’t take care of her kids, Father John O’Brien was a doing good work for the people, Juan Garcia was above the age of 20, was educated and also was doing well for others, Elijah Brown was not high position or power, Betsy Bates was position of power and was above the age of 20, Congress woman Jan Perkins was powerful, high educated and also above the age of 20 and finally Andrea Ohms wasn’t the age of 20 and up. The selected people...
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