Assignment: Corrections and Treatment

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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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The juvenile system works similar in function as the adult system does mainly because they both aid in rehabilitation and changing people’s lives in a positive way. The juvenile criminal system has community-based treatments, issues with the prisons and jails, and the aftercare programs. There are different programs that help treat different problems with these juveniles. Institutions are separated just like adult institutions are for men and women. There are aftercare programs that help ease a person into the community instead of tossing them back into the streets. Looking further into these different aspects will help the understanding of the juvenile corrections and treatment facilities. There are a variety of community-based treatment centers and organizations within the United States. The most commonly used within most communities are probation, restitution, and group homes. Probation is used to deal with offenders without imprisonment and is also a type of community based treatment. With this treatment, juveniles are given a trial period to which they are able to redeem themselves for their misconduct. Inspection with a probation officer and abiding by the rules set forth of them they are able to be part of the community is way to enforce strict rules and allow for the juvenile to better themselves and still be in the security of their home. Restitution is used to help repay the communities for the cost of their troubles from the offender’s offense. The court’s order the offenders to work at community organizations for no cost for a period of time. Some of these community organizations would be Salvation Army, homeless shelters and highway cleanups. Another form of community based treatment is house arrest in which juveniles must adhere to the same conditions as those placed on regular probation. House arrest, which is often tied with electronic monitoring, allows offenders sentenced to probation to remain in the community on...
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