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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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The Process of Managing Time
Analyse institutional cost of time
The first step to manage time is to work out how much it costs the institution and it can be done in units eg an = 1 unit .The analysis should include project team members salaries, the cost of office space the team occupy, equipment and facilities in use, expenses, administrative support etc.

Activity Logs Measuring the status quo
Monitoring the way in which you spend your time an activity log is highly effective.It is easy to to believe that you spent all your day working if you work purely from memory .

Job Clarification
An effective way of ensuring that you concentrate on the right things is to agree them with your supervisor or project stake holders.

A specification is the definition of your project; this is a statement of the problem and not the solution. As the basis for planning of various tasks of a project, specification should be used. These specifications should be specific and clear. Normally, the specifications contain errors, ambiguities and misunderstandings to derail the project and the entire team. Before embarking upon WBS on vague specification, the project manager must read and revise and ensure that everyone concerned with the project is working with the same understanding. All members must understand what the problem is. The outcome of this deliberation should be a written definition of what is required, by when; and this must be agreed by all involved. The agreement upon a written specification has several benefits * The clarity will reveal misunderstandings

* The completeness will remove contradictory assumptions * The rigour of the analysis will expose technical and practical details * The agreement forces all project stakeholders to actually read and think about the details The places to look for errors in a specification are :

The holistic persective:
The interface :
Time Scales :

External dependencies

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