Topics: Security, Computer security, Information security Pages: 11 (3821 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Programme:BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing and Systems Development Unit Number and Title: 48 IT Security Management
Assignment Ref. Number:1.0-IT Security Management

Module Tutor:Murshed Thakur

Learner's Name: Md. Rezwanul Karim

Learner's ID: 60158

Computer technology is the technology which made every sector more powerful to use information. When computer technology is processing the information for organization or person or for anything else than it is named as information technology(IT).This technology helped us to avoid mountains of pages and files. Organisation using this technology can make the profit double than the manual system.

Now a days most of the standard organisation depends on IT to maintain their business stream. So huge number of individuals cannot think without information technology. so it should have a good management system. Information technology play vital role in the world of communication, business, education, medicines etc…

IT security management is a process that confirm the right out come from a specific sources and ensure to preserve all properties of sources. Moreover IT security Is a complete management system which is related to analysis risk ,threat, mitigation and to ensure maximum outcome of an organisation.

In an organisation there will always be threat of IT security. My organisation is about security threats. In security you get all kinds of threats such as viruses, spam, malware and network monitoring, lost emails, data theft, lost data, time wasting and employees. Viruses: A virus can copy everything on your computer/laptop for example; it can copy all your personal files like images, music, videos and documents etc. Viruses can spread rapidly and damage the machine causing it to crash. Whilst having a virus users may not always be aware that they have a virus. Important numbers and passwords may be copied and this will be a threat to your IT securities. A virus is miniature software that extends from one pc to another pc that interferes with computer process. A pc and laptop virus may damage or erase data on a pc or laptop, as it would use an e-mail program to increase the virus to other pc’s and laptops, or even remove all items that is on the hard drive.  There are many anti -virus software’s which are available to use to protect against viruses. These are, AVG, Norton antivirus, there are also some other very good anti-viruses. Spam: Spam is the electronic messaging service where via emails a variety of unwanted messages keep being sent to people’s inboxes. Your inbox is then filled with in effectual messages that encourage false goods such as bogus schemes and products. Spam is becoming the fastest rising problem, as information shows that most emails sent to individuals are unnecessary and just go straight in to the ‘junk mail folder’. All junk i.e. spam does is tell individuals to go and buy products from phoney websites. The best solution would be having anti-spam software on your pc and laptops to prevent these spam emails coming. Malware: Malware is a term for malicious software that comes to computers to damage the service this is known by many other names i.e. worms, spyware, Trojan horses and there are others. When your computer is contaminated it could easily extend to important files on other computers that are on the network. Malware is sometimes made to damage a computer system and sometimes it is made to make profit. Network monitoring: network monitoring is the term used to computer systems so as they can detect as and when there is a system failure somewhere. it will them be easier to find a solution to fix it or reinstall whatever has failed. it is also useful having network monitoring so the system does not often get disrupted. Networks ,...
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