Assignment 16 - Agression in Children

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Rat Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Assignment 16 – Aggression in children

Question 1 – The concept of aggression is an act in which causes injury or anxiety to others or the destruction of property. Aggression may be directed outward, against others, or inward, against the self, It is often driven by some form of frustration.

Question 2 –
A charging bull can be stopped by activating electrodes in its brain. By repeating this experiment Jose Delgado caused the animal to become permanently less aggressive. A cat, when an electrode that has been planted in the hypothalamus is stimulated, hisses, its hair bristles, its pupils dilate and it will strike out at a rat in it cage. A laboratory-bred rat that has lived peaceably with a mouse, will then pounce and kill the mouse the exact way as a wild rat would, when electrodes are stimulated.

Question 3 - There are two main methods of investigating the biological bases of aggression, these are a)The common method is to implant electrodes in the brain of various animals and note the effects on the animal’s aggressive responses when the electrode is stimulated. b)Aggressive responses can also either be induced or prevented by the use of chemicals injected into the brain.

Question 4 - The frustration-aggression hypothesis states that aggression is a reaction to frustration. Children who are frustrated are more likely to act aggressively, especially when they feel their responses will not lead to punishment. There is a good deal of evidence, that in nursery schools, the number of conflicts between children increase when the number of frustrations they experience increase. However the frustration- aggression hypothesis cannot apply equally to all children as there is a wide range of individual differences in reactions to frustration, both in the intensity of the reaction and the form it takes.

Question 5 - Steuer, Applefield and Smith found in their investigation into children’s viewing of violent and non-violent cartoons that the...
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