Assignment 005 - Child and Young Person Development

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  • Published: July 8, 2013
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Task A
Table 1 - Physical Development
Age Range| Description of age| An example of how this impacts on another aspect of development| 0-3 Months| Children should be able to recognise people and be able to stare at them, they should be able to move their heads and look around as well as kicking and moving their arms| This will impact on their emotional development as they will be able to recognise when they are around people and may become distressed when left alone.| 3-6 Months| Children at this stage can support their own heads, can grasp and pick up objects with their hands and can roll themselves over when lying down.| This will impact on their intellectual development as they are beginning to become aware of their own bodies and how their actions affect it.| 6-9 Months| Children should be able to sit alone without support and also pull themselves upright whilst holding onto something| This will impact on their social development as they begin to crawl, pull themselves up etc.. They will be more aware of their surroundings and will be interacting more with the people around them.| 9-12 Months| At this stage children may be taking their first steps, the can recognise when they have dropped something at be able to find it and pick it up.| This will impact on their communication and social development as they begin to use their hands to point to things they want etc.| 1-2 Years| Children can climb upstairs on their knees, and can walk on their own. And they are beginning to use toys for play for example blocks etc. | This will impact on their social development as they begin to expand their play, and start to play with other children, they start to learn social conventions such as sharing, manners etc.| 2-4 Years| At this age children are beginning to play with bigger toys... I.e., trikes, climbing etc... They can walk and run totally independently and confidently. They can grasp pencils, and can begin to distinguish between shapes...
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