Assessment in Education in Iran

Topics: Iran, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Assessment in Education in Iran
Dr Abbas Madandar Arani; Mrs Lida Kakia; Mrs Vajeha Karimi
Lorestan University, Iran; Ministry of Education, Iran; Ministry of Education, Iran Abbas_arani@;; Abstract
The present paper explains the educational assessment system in Iran. To begin with we will present a background to the system of education and then we will explain its structure and governance. The last section will consider aspects of the educational assessment system in Iran. Background: The Education system in Iran

The history of the establishment of modern western-style of education centres in Iran (Persia) dates back to 1851 with the establishment of Darolfonoon – which was founded as a result of efforts of the royal vizier Amir Kabir, that were aimed at training and teaching Iranian experts in many fields of science and technology. After the 1979 revolution, the most important change was the Islamization of the education system. All students were segregated by gender. In 1980, the Cultural Revolution Committee was formed to oversee the institution of Islamic values in education (Derry, 2000). Teaching materials based on Islam were introduced into the primary grades within six months of the revolution. The education system in Iran continues a process of philosophical transition that began with the revolution in 1979. Since the inception of Islamization, the government attempted to establish a balance between the desire for cultural and spiritual independence from the West, and the desire to succeed as a modern nation in competition with the West. In the 1990s, economic demands and labour force necessities created some changes in the attitudes and goals of the fundamentalist administration (Salehi- Isfahan, 2000). Both former presidents, Rafsanjani and Khatami, began to stress the need for expertise in the workforce, cultural awareness of western ideas, and a revitalized concept of modern Islam. This change was...
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