Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses of Weimar Germany Between 1919 and 1932

Topics: Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Weimar Germany between 1919 and 1932

IB History HL

* Historical background of Weimar Republic
* Thesis statement (Draw comparisons between strengths and weaknesses, assess their importance and conclude which was the most important) Body:
* Compare/Contrast
* Attempt at democracy supported internationally vs. German hatred of Treaty of Versailles * Revolution started by the people vs. Right-wing tendencies of elite and army * Strong political parties already in place vs. Weaknesses of proportional representation * Strengths of responsible use of Article 48 vs. Dangers of misuse of Article 48 Conclusion:

* Give short summary of all
* Which was the most important?
* none, all equally important
* Refer back to thesis statement
___________________________________________________________________________ Essay
In late 1918, early 1919, Germany was faced with the great fate to become a democratic state stemming from a tyrannical monarchy under the Kaiser. Said monarchy had been overthrown by a revolution by the people and now the government was about to turn into a democracy. This democracy, later to be known as the Weimar Republic, was faced with perils on all sides in many situations, overcoming them by virtue of its strengths and lasting until 1932 when the exploitation of its weaknesses ended its reign as a democracy, turning it back into a tyranny under a single man. This essay will assess the strengths and weaknesses of Weimar Germany, draw comparisons between them and determine which was the most important in its rise, flourish and eventual fall. The Weimar Republic was the first attempt at true, constitutional democracy in Germany. Throughout its history, Germany had only been led by autocratic rule, from the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (the First Reich), through the divided monarchy (Prussia, Austria, Bavaria as independent...
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