Asses Feminist Views on the Role of Families and Households in Today’s Society

Topics: Feminism, Feminist theory, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Asses Feminist views on the role of families and households in today’s society.

There are different types of feminism including: Marxist Feminists, Radical Feminists, Liberal Feminists and Difference Feminists. They do not all share the same views on families. Not all of these Feminists still remain extremely relevant today as women are still the subject to domestic violence and sexual assault is a huge problem. Most people agree that the most obvious problems that feminists want to solve are real problems that need to be somehow solved. Feminism is not hugely relevant nowadays, not as much as it used to be the feminist movement as we have come to know it is in fact going through a metamorphosis, adapting to the times. The older traditions of feminism, despite their accomplishments, are the products of a previous generation. Like all traditions, they change over time. There are many feminists that do speak of the troubles that women are still facing to this day. There are also some older Feminists who have adapted their positions to address these problems; the feminism of these feminists is certainly not irrelevant. So I would say that the feminism of today's productive activists is very relevant, while the feminism of 35 or 40 years ago is less so. Marxist Feminists argue that the main cause of women’s compulsion when in the family is actually not men, but it is Capitalism.

Women’s compulsion then performs several different functions for capitalism. One of them is women will reproduce the labour force, this will happen through their unpaid domestic labour, by then socialising a next generation of workers and maintaining and servicing the current one. Another one of them is “Women absorb anger” This is mainly focusing on Capitalism. Fran Ansley a Marxist Feminist describes wives as “Takers of shit” This is because they soak up the frustration their husbands feel because of the exploitation they feel at work. In Marxists point of view this describes and...
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