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Serving the Needs of the Arabian Gulf and Beyond
Since the commencement of operation of ASRY in September 1977 with a 500,000 tons dwt. dry-dock and two jetties, ASRY has gone through various expansions. In 1992, two floating docks were added which can handle vessels up to 120,000 tons dwt. and 80,000 tons dwt. respectively. In 2008, ASRY added two Slipways each with a dry berth length of 255 meters and a capacity of 5,000 tons dwt. Since the beginning, various types of marine and offshore vessels have undergone repairs at ASRY. In short, ASRY is now capable of handling repairs of different types / sizes of vessels. ASRY was among the first shipyards in the world to receive ISO certifications for Quality, Management, Environment and Health & Safety Systems in addition to the ISPS code for Port Security. ASRY’s multinational workforce in addition to its in-house sub-contractors are committed to provide highly qualified services to the customers to their entire satisfaction. In order to further enhance the services, ASRY has gone through agreements with various specialist services. ASRYMAR, a subsidiary company of ASRY based in UK provides marketing support to ASRY in addition to other international agents.

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This large space to work, ASRY Must to protect her staff , and is committed to a policy of protecting the safety of their employees, clients and suppliers as well as minimizing the impact their activities may have on the environment. The Group has received accreditation and certification of compliance from various GCC and international. ASRY, Make no mistake, managing corporate risk is a key issue for all directors and senior managers to address. There is much to say about this subject and the following is just a summary of some of the main points involved. It may well be worth remembering that the effective management of health and safety risks adds value to the business by maximizing the well-being and productivity of employees thereby helping to prevent illness and injury. This invariably has long term and positive effect on turnover and profitability. In addition worker involvement in health & safety supports a positive health and safety culture. The Health & Safety Commission

The Health & Safety Commission guidance states that the board needs to accept formally and publicly its collective role in providing health and safety leadership in its organisation. The Health & Safety Commission guidance also recommends that every board should appoint one of their number to be a 'Health and Safety Director' who can ensure that health and safety risk management issues are properly addressed, both by the board and more widely in the business. Their responsibilities will include keeping up to date with Health & Safety Information and informing the other Board Members. The Chairman and/or Chief Executive has a critical role in ensuring risks are properly managed and that the health and safety director has the necessary competence, resources and support of other board members to carry out their functions. The health and safety responsibilities of all board members should be clearly articulated in the statement of health and safety policy and arrangements. The role of the health and safety director should not detract either from the responsibilities of other directors for specific areas of health and safety risk management or from the health and safety responsibilities of the board as a whole. In short, the whole board need to make a commitment to continual and improved health and safety performance of the business and hence individual directors need to recognize their personal responsibilities and liabilities under health and safety law. Board members need to behave and take decisions that reinforce the messages or take into account the board's health and safety policy statement. Any...
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